DO YOU want to improve YOUR overall English speaking skills? Reduce My Accent is here to help.

Reduce My Accent (RMA) was born from a passion for helping people improve their spoken English. We provide accent reduction courses that will help you reduce your foreign accent, speak confidently and be understood. Everyone's accent is different and, therefore, require different needs. Our courses will give you the guidance and tools you need to enhance your English accent through a consistent but yet personalized approach. 

Having an accent is not a bad thing, it marks your individuality and cultural background. However, when your communication skills start to jeopardize your confidence or ability to communicate clearly, it may affect not only your personal life but also your professional career. 

We are here to give you the guidance and tools you need to help you improve your English accent and ultimately speak with more confidence! RMA offers small, personalized, face-to-face classes, and flexible schedules.

“When I came to Canada I was struggling in school because of my accent. I found it hard to participate in class and even make friends. With RMA’s 4 week program I developed the skills I needed to improve my pronunciation and speak confidently.”
— testimonial by Sebastian S., International Student in Vancouver, Canada
“Thanks to RMA’s courses I was able to pursue a successful career within the telecommunications market as I was able to communicate more clearly and fluently”
— testimonial by Pedro Pablo J., Operations Supervisor for an American Multinational Technology Company
“Reduce My Accent’s program played an enormous role in preparing my English speaking skills for today’s global workforce demands. After completing the courses and practicing with all of the tips and techniques that I learned during my classes, I was able to better communicate my ideas and achieve better client relations. Working for a global document company implies a demand for efficient communication; a demand that I’m able to meet and exceed thanks to Reduce My Accent”
— Eduardo R., Account Operations Manager for S&P 500



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