Having an accent is not a bad thing...

...it marks our individuality and cultural background. However, when our communication skills start to jeopardize our confidence or ability to communicate clearly, it may affect our personal life and also our professional career. 

Reduce My Accent (RMA) provides online courses that will guide you through specific techniques to improve your English pronunciation. Our coaches will provide the guidance and tools you need to help improve your English accent and ultimately speak with more confidence! 

Everyone's accent is different and, therefore, require different needs. We offer personalized classes and flexible schedules.

“From the very first time I spoke with my coach on the phone, he was very professional and confident. Not only is he very knowledgeable about the material and content of the course, but he is always willing to listen to you to discover your needs and adjust the lessons so you get the most out of the course. He also has a very good understanding of what non-native speakers struggle with English, especially pronunciation.”
— Aska, international student from Japan